These are some funny apps for android you must try.

funny apps for android

Here are the list of some funny apps for android you must try to kill your boredom.

We know that there are thousands of apps available in the play store, right. There are many categories of apps in the playstore like art&design, beauty, business and many more. If you are looking for the best funny apps for free to download then you are in the right place.

I have got you covered with the list of some funny apps for android to download and kill your boredom. You can download any of these coolest android apps for your phone and enjoy, here we go.

Here is the list of fun apps to download:


funny apps for android

If you feel bored by seeing the same types of memes on Instagram then you must give a try to this fun app. This app will show you the best and new memes, pictures, Gifs, and videos. If you don’t find these stuff funny then you will surely laugh with the 9GAGs community by their comments.

2. Voice changer with effects

fun apps

So this is also one of the funny apps for android you must try if you want to laugh by your own voice, pretty much interesting right. Well, this apps can change your voice in more than 40 effects including android, drunk, squirrel and many more. After changing your voice you can share it with your friends and family through Whatsapp or Facebook. Give it a try.

3. Ugly camera

coolest android apps

So here comes the funny selfie capture camera. You can this app for capturing you ugly selfies with more than twenty filters. You can also make some movies, photos and animated GIF with the help of ugly camera. Who doesn’t want to irritate their friends? Nobody, LOL. You can also capture their selfies with this camera and share with them.

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funny apps for android

If you use Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking sites then you are familiar with the so-called “Memes”. Why I will recommend you to use this fun app because you will find a lot of new memes, videos, and Gifs on this funny app for android. Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny.

5. Androidify

fun apps to download

So here comes one of my favorite funny app for android. If you are an android lover then you must try this fun app. You can make android lookalike characters and share them with your friends and family as emoticons, animated Gifs, and pictures over texts, posts or chats.

6. Meme generator free

funny apps for android

If you are a meme maker then you can also try this app. You can make your own memes with the help of this app and share them on Facebook and Instagram. You can create modern and classic memes with fully adjustable text size, color, and font. Also, you can add photos, stickers, effects to memes.

7. Face changer 2

face changer 2

This is also one of the great funny apps for android where you can change your or someone face into a funny one. You can also swap faces of peoples in the same or different photo and apply effects. You can also replace any part of the face and beam yourself to another place.

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8. MadLipz

funny apps for android

This app will let you make instant voiceovers in thousands of ready-to-go clips. Create your own memes and share them with friends. The new feature added in this coolest android app is you can create new memes and parodies with subtitles also.

9. Funny quotes free

funny apps for free

This funny app will make you laugh every time you open this app. This one of the app from the list of funny apps for android has a huge collection of funny quotes which you can share everywhere. Do you need a smile on your boring day? If yes, then this app is for you.

10. Dank meme soundboard

funny apps for android

This is the coolest Android app with over 250 dankest meme sounds which you can share with anyone. You can also set your favorite sound as your ringtone, alarm or notification sound. This app works offline also. Memes lovers just give a try to this funny cool app.

Final words

So this is the list of some funny apps for android that you must try to kill your boredom. You can download these funny apps for free from play store. I told you the 10 fun apps for your phone which you can download and enjoy.

Do you have some other funny apps which is missing from the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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