Is iphone 7 dual Sim Or Not ?

Is iphone 7 dual Sim Or Not ?

Just 3 days left for iPhone 7 release and still there are so many rumours there. Even One Of The important question is that is there dual sim in iphone 7 or not.

ok So now i will explain you that there will be no dual sim in iPhone 7.



The two latest models were said to have been ditched the old school audio jack in replacement to a wireless lightning connector. This newest technology embed in iPhone 7 models will appear on the next flagships and with an additional innovation – the Apple SIM.

Apple SIM has long been wished to be embedded in iPhone but due to unverified reasons, Apple has never made a single move to do such. However, 2017 might be the most innovative year for the well-loved mobile phones because according to Forbes, ‘iPhone 8’ has the highest probability to feature the never-before specs of a smartphone and that includes the inclusion of Apple SIM in replacement to the physical SIM. Apple has done it to iPad models and there’s high hope for iPhone models too.

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