Whats New In iphone 8?

Whats New In iphone 8?

Taking a look back at last month of news across the world of Apple, this week’s Apple Loop includes a comparison of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cameras next to the competition, a review of the iPhone 7 Plus, a look at the stock shortages, the latest information on the iPhone 8, asking if we have passed ‘peak iPhone’, how to fix your broken iPhone 7, Apple’s solution to beating Moore’s Law, and how not to lose the new headphone adaptor.

iPhone 8 First Look

What’s new about the iPhone 8? Rumoured: New glass body,

A11 processor,

Intel modem

Dual Front Camera

OLED display

Faster A11 processor

Glass body

Edge-to-edge display

Camera and Touch ID integrated in display

No Home button

Wireless charging

Three models – One OLED, two standard


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