What’s New In LG G flex 3?

What’s New In LG G flex 3?

We All Know LG is Known For Its best service and softwares.

But Now The question is the best ever smartphone flex series is going to launch G3 model

SO Whats new IN this Smartphone.

LG G Flex 3 Full Phone Specifications


First Difference is the camera

IN G Flex 2 supports 13 Mp rear and 2.1 MP front Camera

whereas in G flex 3 20.7 rear and 8 MP Selfie Camera Attracts everyone


In LG G flex 2 Ram is 2 and 3 GB

whereas IN LG G Flex 3 possibility is 6 GB ram.


LG g Flex 2 Supports 3000 MAh Battery

where as in LG G flex 3 There will be 3500 Mah battery


Previous Flex series Has No Fingerprint sensor

But In G3 Flex There will be Fingerprint Sensor.


So According To This i am excited For G3 Flex because of Its awesome Features and Looks.




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